Air Conditioning Contractor in Atlanta

The hot and humid months of the northern Atlanta metro area can make people and even the family pets feel quite uncomfortable. Horvath Heating and Air Conditioning understands how important it is for your air conditioning unit to be working properly and efficiently in order to keep your family comfortable and keep your energy costs down.

Jerry at Horvath Heating and Air Conditioning has been servicing, repairing and installing new air conditioning systems in the northern counties of the Atlanta metro area under the Horvath name since 1997 and fully understands the air conditioning and cooling needs of the local area. Whether you have a current central air conditioning unit that needs maintained or repaired, or you need a new system installed, Jerry will be there to walk you through the process step by step to provide you with the highest level of customer service, the right product for your home, to keep you informed of the progress of your repair or installation and to work with your schedule.

Give Jerry Horvath a call for more information on the following cooling services that Horvath Heating and Air Conditioning offers:


A simple yearly inspection of your air conditioning unit can save you time and money in the future. Horvath Heating and Air Conditioning offers inspection and maintenance services for all major models of air conditioning units. An air conditioning system that is not running properly is not adequately cooling your home and it could be causing your energy costs to rise. By having your air conditioning unit inspected and maintained, you are preventing most costly repairs that may arise later down the road.

Sales and Installation

If you want the comfort that central air conditioning has to offer, then give Horvath Heating and Air Conditioning a call to discuss your options for purchasing a new air conditioning and having it installed in your home. Central air conditioning units come in high efficiency models and can actually reduce your cooling costs compared to using window air conditioners, portable air conditioners or constantly running fans. Central air conditioners keep your home at a constant and regulated temperature. The unit only kicks on to maintain the temperature level that you chose to set it at. A central air conditioning unit will keep you and your family comfortable in warm weather and units come in all different capacities in order to perfectly fit the square footage of your home. Jerry Horvath is happy to discuss a new central air conditioning system with you and will help you decide on what unit is right for your home.

Replacement of Non Energy Efficient Units

Over the past several years, there have been major improvements in the amount of energy that air conditioning units use. The government has stepped in and mandated that all air conditioning units have to have a SEER rating of 13 or higher. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating and the higher the number, the more efficient the unit is. Old air conditioning units are not as energy efficient as the models that are on the market today. Horvath Heating and Air Conditioning can replace your existing unit with a new model that is going to save you money on your cooling costs.

To inquire about the cooling services listed above or any other central air conditioning need that you may have, give Jerry a call or request a quote online.


Horvath Heating and Air Conditioning takes job safety very seriously and when Jerry Horvath is working on your heating or air conditioning unit, you can be assured that every safety measure is implemented to protect you and your family. Jerry cares deeply about making sure that every client is aware of any safety issues or concerns that there may be while working on their air conditioning or heating unit. Horvath Heating and Air Conditioning Adheres to industry safety standards and takes the extra step to make sure that all work areas and components are inspected prior to starting a job. Some of the safety concerns that may arise can include:

  • Mold, asbestos or lead contamination in the work area
  • The use of heavy tools while replacing, fixing or installing units
  • Heavy lifting when installing or replacing systems
  • Fire and carbon monoxide risks
  • Weak flooring or structures around heating or cooling systems

Before your project begins, Horvath Heating and Air Conditioning will review any safety concerns with you. Jerry is dedicated in making sure that you and your family are aware of any safety hazards if they exist while services are being performed. If any safety or hazard issues to come up, Jerry will work with you and your family to find an appropriate solution and course of action that will allow him to make the necessary repairs, replacements or installations while keeping your family safe.

When you hire Horvath Heating and Air Conditioning, Jerry treats your home as it if it were his own. He not only looks out for the safety of the working conditions and your family, but he also protects your home and your property. If you would like more information about the safety measures that Horvath Heating and Air Conditioning takes, feel free to give Jerry a call to discuss your concerns.